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Arctic Code Vault Contributor 2020

Look at this shiny new badge on my GitHub profile!

Calypso was probably the first OSS project that I contributed to. I am super grateful for all the feedback that I have received through the years, even though they were minor changes like CSS and copy.

If you haven’t starting contributing to OSS yet, start today! Maintainers are always happy to help. 💛

You can read more about GitHub’s archival program here.

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Back on Tumblr 👻

The blog you’re reading at the moment was originally a Tumblr site. I moved it to WordPress when I joined Automattic. That was two years ago.

I was curious to see what has changed recently. Tumblr is very different from what I knew two years ago. I think I’m enjoying the experience so far.

On that note, I’ve a new blog called mostly for reblogs. I’ll be using it for posting thoughts on shows that I watch. I just finished season 1 of Dark on Netflix.

The current blog will continue to exist as my primary site.

This post is composed entirely on WordPress Android with Gutenberg.

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Encrypted DNS on iOS

Apple announced encrypted DNS (DOH and DOT) for iOS! This is by far my most favorite announcement at WWDC 2020.

Right now, my DNS provider, NextDNS app for iOS, implements their feature as a VPN tunnel, which makes it impossible to use another commercial VPN like NordVPN/Mullvad at the same time.

A similar limitation applies to Cloudflare’s app.

However, with the new encrypted DNS model that Apple is announcing, it looks like NextDNS can be used in conjunction with the other active VPN tunnels.

I have reached out to the NextDNS developers to hear their thoughts. Future looks exciting for iOS!

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Telegram stickers to Signal

I found an interesting Telegram bot last night. Signal Sticker bot helps you convert Telegram stickers to Signal. It’s as easy as it can get,

  • Initiate a chat with the bot.
  • Send a sticker, one that’s not animated.
  • Wait for the bot to generate a Signal-specific sticker pack link.
  • Click on it to install the pack on your Signal. 🤯
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BYE mail

Found this on my Twitter feed today. Copy and design are guaranteed to give you a laugh. 😂

And, look at this! ⬇️ 🤣

Jokes aside, they are actually donating these funds to a great cause — Black Girls Code.

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GitHub repository refresh

I received new design for repositories and I like it! 💯 🚀

Particularly like the latest release section on the right sidebar. I do WooCommerce support as well, and part of my job often involves downloading the latest copy of the plugin. It must be easier with this prominent placement on the right sidebar.

As I understand, this is not available for everyone yet. This is a feature preview that you can sign up for.

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Basecamp’s Hey and Apple

I generally do not like DHH’s tweets, but this case is a bit different.

For one, I am sad about how monopolies like Apple can crush software makers, small or big.

And, I am glad to see DHH voicing Basecamp’s concerns in the public. Members from the EU antitrust division are looking into this issue, other companies are sharing their stories as well, and in the event something positive comes out of this, it’s not just Basecamp that would benefit. It’d be all software developers publishing to the App Store.