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Limiting Facebook and Google activities to specific Firefox containers

Mozilla Firefox’s one of the best features is the ability to use multiple logins on a specific website at the time, using the Multi-account containers feature. This feature is available as an extension for Firefox on the desktop, since Firefox 57.0, Firefox Quantum.
Cookies are contained with the color-coded tabs on the same browser session, allowing one to use multiple logins of a particular website at the same time. You can learn more on how this feature works here.

I recently came across two plugins that takes this feature even further, making it very useful. Meet Facebook container and Google container.
The Facebook container is made by Mozilla, while the Google container is a fork by another developer.
When you activate these extensions on your Firefox browser, your Facebook and Google cookies are deleted. The next time you visit Google or Facebook, the respective content will open on a tab that is contained within this container.

A Facebook link contained within the Facebook container on Firefox Quantum

This means, Facebook and Google will no longer will able to read your activities on other websites. You can safely contain to browser other websites that you need, as usual, and these tabs will open on your regular container.

Only Facebook and Google sites will load on their specific containers.
Something even better is that, these extensions do not necessarily apply only to and domains.

I read the code a bit, and it looks like most Facebook-owned domains are listed which includes WhatsApp and Instagram.

Likewise blogspot domains are contained within the Google container.
It should be possible that you can extend this code to other domains that Facebook and Google own as well, or fork the original Mozilla code for Facebook container and write your extension.

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1Password is offering 6 months trial if you haven't signed up yet

I came across a deal today that’s offering 1Password trial for 6 months. I am not quite sure if this has been around since 2017, or even before that, but the good thing is that, 1Password is actively promoting the same and is encouraging new users to use that deal. Link here if you want to sign up without reading any further.
1Password has been my favorite choice of password manager these days. I have tried LastPass in the past, and have been using 1Password since April. I haven’t tried any other password managers so far. I am pretty happy with 1Password’s UI and customer support that I haven’t had a reason to move away.
Some of my most favorite things about 1Password:

The 2FA detector is a bit broken, but one can fix broken items by adding 2fa tag to it. πŸ”
I am not a huge fan of the other browser extensions as they are not consistent. 1Password X aims at offering the consistency in UI. I wish 1Password X is available for Brave and Tor soon. 🌏
Related: Compare your 1Password passwords with list fast
If you haven’t signed up for 1Password yet, you should. The 6 months trial is a steal, and online security matters.

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Compare your 1Password passwords with list fast

I stumbled upon this thread earlier today on the 1Password forums, and I should definitely agree with what Brenty said. It’s an excellent script to quickly check your 1Password passwords list with‘s compromised passwords database!

internet screen security protection
Photo by Pixabay on

If you are a 1Password user, you should noticed that with 1Password 7 app on Mac And Windows, there’s a new feature/section called Vulnerable Passwords that ensures that your password on the 1Password list is not one that is compromised in a data breach.
This GUI app is handy, but it’s challenging to check the status each password.
That’s where this script helps.

  • Get 1Password CLI app and set it up.
  • Get JQ. Homebrew command if you are on Mac – brew install jq
  • Download this script .zip file, extract it, enter into that folder using terminal and use ./ to perform the test. You will be asked to signin into your 1Password account if you are not at that time.

Do note that the 1Password CLI app logs you out every 30 minutes. This is as explained by Session tokens expire after 30 minutes of inactivity, after which you’ll need to sign in again. on the 1Password CLI setup page.
In case you want to copy the script from here.

# – script to check 1password entries against known compromised
# passwords from
# Requirements:
# 1password CLI tool –
# jq json parser –
# Resources:
echo "Checking 1Password items against password list."
echo "Be patient, this might take a while."
item_uuids=$(op list items | jq -c -r '.[].uuid')
for uuid in ${item_uuids}; do
hash="$(echo -n ${1}| openssl sha1)"
upperCase="$(echo $hash | tr '[a-z]' '[A-Z]')"
response=$(curl -s$prefix)
while read -r line; do
if [ "${lineOriginal:0:40}" == "$upperCase" ]; then
title=$(_gettitle $uuid)
echo "Oh no! $title password pwned! You should probably change that one."
(( pwnd_count += 1 ))
done <<< "$response"
echo "$(op get item ${1} | jq -r '.overview.title?')"
pwd=$(op get item $uuid | jq -r '.details.fields[] | select(.designation == "password")|.value?' 2> /dev/null)
_checkhash "$pwd"
if [ $pwnd_count -eq 0 ]; then
echo "Good news! No pwnd passwords found!"
echo "Done. You have $pwnd_count passwords that need changing."
exit 0

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Oh boy, Incredibles 2 was much fun! 😍

I have no words. Sequels are always exciting, but Incredibles 2 is beyond exciting! β™₯

I didn’t see Incredibles when it came out in 2004. I didn’t even know that this movie existed until 2010 or 2012. I don’t even remember the first movie’s storyline, but I did go to the cinemas with my cousins for Incredibles 2, hoping for a good time. I cannot say I’m disappointed even a bit.

The movie 🎦 keeps everyone hooked. It’s a wonderful animation movie for the kids, and it’s an equally wonderful superhero movie for the teenagers and the adults. Overall, it packs a punch and keeps everyone entertained through the two hours.

Jack Jack is an amazing character, and I love how the movie blends the fun element and the superhero concept together, for a roller-coaster 🎒 entertainment.

If you’re free this weekend, you should see the movie! πŸ’― 🀩

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My two new favorite WordPress app features: Free photo library, Save for Later πŸ“±

WordPress mobile apps has been improving with every update, and the latest two updates to the Android version (I am an Android user!) have added two features that I have been using a lot lately. The two new features are:

  • Free photo library that was launched on, now integrated on the WordPress Android app.
  • Ability to save posts to read later

Free photo library on mobile apps πŸ“Έ

The free photo library originally launched on, and is available on the post/page editor screen as shown below.

Free photo library on
The free photo library on allows you to choose from over 40000 CC0 images from, for free.

This feature originally launched in January of this year, and in May of 2018, the same feature was launched on the Android and iOS mobile apps.

It allows you to pick from over 40000 CC0 images from I recently started a photo blog, and have been republished these photos on as well. I cannot wait to see these my photos from being used by bloggers across the world, using’s free photo library. πŸ’–

Save posts to read later πŸ“

Quick update: This is not available on iOS as yet. 😬
My other favorite feature that was launched on the latest version of mobile apps is the ability to save posts to read later. There is a shiny new “Save” icon for each post, on the homepage, when you launch your app. When you click on it, it gets added to a new list on your app, called “Saved posts“.
You can access this list anytime to read the posts that you have saved. This works offline as well!
I have a Feedly Pro subscription as well, but since I joined Automattic, I find myself using Reader a lot more to cover all the latest news. The “Save for Later” feature has only improved that experience by one notch. πŸ‘Œ
Both the features are available on the the Android app and the iOS app. The free photo library is available on both the mobile apps, but the “Save for Later” feature is available only on the Android app at this time.
Go, download the app and check these out! Tell me what you think about it in the comments! 😁

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WordPress is now 15 years old πŸ’–

🎁On the 27th of May, 2003, the first version of WordPress launched for the general public.
I didn’t use WordPress until 2010. I first discovered WordPress when I was in my 10th grade. That’s when I started using WordPress, for tech blogging.
It has been a beautiful experience since, converting my ideas to products and services, with WordPress. I am not a coder, but WordPress has made most of my dreams come true. These, otherwise, wouldn’t have been possible.
WordPress is not just a software. It’s an idea, an idea to help democratise publishing. “We want users, regardless of device or ability, to be able to publish content and maintain a website or application built with WordPress.” —Β accessibility page on WordPress. The community’s belief in this idea has made WordPress successful over the years.
In the past 15 years, WordPress has made many dreams come true. Many businesses thrive on WordPress. At the time of writing this post, WordPress powers 30% of the internet. 30% of all the websites on the internet run on WordPress!
Everyone’s success wouldn’t have been possible without WordPress. WordPress wouldn’t have been possible without the WordPress community, and I salute them.
πŸŽ‚Thank you, #WordPress. Thank you for changing my life. πŸ’–

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The Rain – Netflix TV show

Last week, I binge-watched “The Rain” and I can say I am looking forward to the second season already. I am not a big fan of apocalyptic movies, but this one was good. This one might probably be the first one that I have watched through the end.

The Rain is all about a brother and sister, along with a bunch of other survivors, fighting their way through the mess in a post-apocalyptic world. The story’s gripping and moves fast, covering a lot of new scenes and keeps the viewers hooked to their screens.

It’s a Danish thriller, based in the city of Vordinborg. The beginning feels rushed, but the primary actors’ characters seem to develop around the middle episodes. The tale portrays the story of how the lead actor, Simone, fights all dangers, to protect her younger brother from all harm. At the same time, the tale depicts how everyone is very protective of each other, throughout the story. There are parts where something doesn’t make any sense at all, but I wouldn’t expect anything spectacular out of a thriller, apocalyptic, or horror show.

Available on Netflix: The Rain.

It was an interesting watch, and I would recommend watching once.

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I am joining Automattic

I have an exciting news to share today.

I am joining Automattic as a Happiness Engineer. Automattic is the company behind, Jetpack, WooCommerce and many other tools that you use every day. As a Happiness Engineer, I will responsible for creating happy, passionate and loyal customers.

Without doubt, this is a role that I have been looking forward to, for many months now. This is an exciting journey and I couldn’t be more proud of having come so far.

I am grateful for all my colleagues at Automattic, at Freshworks Inc, and my parents, for having been supportive of this all along. Thank you for being there!

Learn more about Automattic. We’re also hiring!

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I am now a dotblogger

Choosing a brand new name for your personal website, or for your business can be challenging, especially when your favorite top-level domains (TLDs) are unavailable.
.blog can help you change that.
.blog is fairly new.
.blog is eye-catching and easy to remember.
It’s a fairly new namespace thatΒ allows everyone to be a publisher on the internet, with their favorite name.

The word blog has expanded from being almost just like personal journals to really sort of indicating, a more interesting website. In a world where everyone is a publisher on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc, more businesses are starting to realize as well that, conversation that happens in the comments of a Instagram photo, or people tagging each other, or things like that, is often what drives a lot of value. Now, it is a conversation. It is social. But, you are not going to build the next big thing, purely on someone else’s domain. You need to have your own domain. — Matt Mullenweg.

It’s almost like 500 years ago, everyone in the world have their own printing press and could publish as much as they want. That is the opportunity that we have today. — Matt Mullenweg.

I now have a brand new address at
I am now a dotblogger. Join me on this journey. Secure yours now.
Or, become a .blog registrar.
It’s one click away.

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Last day at Freshworks Inc.

Today was my last day at Freshworks Inc. While I had been anticipating this day to be the most exciting day, it’s not.
I wish I could take my team from Freshworks Inc. to wherever I am moving next on my journey.
To sum it up, I feel bad and sad about the last week at Freshworks Inc. I had a fun ride though, and got to work with the best talents in the industry. I will definitely miss everyone I got a chance to work with.
It feels lonely over here. But, I guess I will have to get accustomed to this now, if I am sure about remote jobs being my primary choice.