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No more Facebook

I no longer have a Facebook account and I feel very relieved about this change.

“Your account is scheduled for permanent deletion”


I no longer have a Facebook account. 👏

I feel very relieved about this change.

Day after day, there are new posts about how Facebook is violating user privacy and selling our data for their profit.

It’s time to stop this mess. I managed to have my Facebook account deactivated for over an year, but I realised it’s time to actually delete it and did so.

So is Instagram, WhatsApp and LinkedIn. It feels so, so good

I do have a test account though, on Facebook, that I have to use at work, for work.

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One reply on “No more Facebook”

I agree with the privacy and data selling. It’s a bit creepy too! If I could deactivate FB I would! But I’d feel so out of touch with family if I did. I definitely post more on IG though!

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